River City Co – 2017 Annual Report

A Note from the CEO

City building takes a long time. In fact, a lot of what we do at River City Company takes patience and endurance. We plan, we conduct studies and we meet with community partners. We’re making progress day by day, but it’s baby steps. And, the progress is not always visible.

It can be exasperatingly slow. But in years like 2017, it’s EXHILARATING!

To see years of hard work pay off in a big way with completed projects that exceed expectation. We CELEBRATE every ribbon cutting and groundbreaking because we know that event, that day, is the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of partners.

And we did a lot of celebrating in 2017. Ribbon cuttings at The Westin, Market City Center and the Maclellan and groundbreakings at Miller Park, Erlanger and the Read House to name a few. 2017 was transformative for City Center. These new developments are filling the gaps, activating once empty buildings and changing the way people think about and experience our city.

We applaud those that are investing and believing in downtown. Some of those have been partners and downtown stakeholders for a long time; others are new to the downtown scene. It takes everyone working together to make a great downtown.

And that’s why we want to thank our partners. None of our work can be done in isolation. The City of Chattanooga, Hamilton County Government, foundations, Downtown stakeholders, business owners and other non-profits - we are building on a rich foundation of success TOGETHER! While we continue to work in conjunction to solve problems and revel in the tremendous growth of our city, here’s to hoping for more celebrating in 2018!

Kim White

President and CEO




Board of Directors